Achievement of goals depends on the use of effective strategies. We are going to build the basic energy of 

 academic research by education and  training, and achieve the goal of academic study by service with academic ;

with the establishment of the organizational system, we can make the greatest use of resources to achieve maximum


       Through industrial services, promoting the practice training and concerning on both theory and practice,

 we can  then achieve the objectives of financing and purpose of science and technology consultants.


       (A) Organization for Planning

a. establish a system of research managers

b. the establishment of parts, equipment, books and computer management system of division of labor, etc.

c. adoption of apprenticeship training system

d. division of labor, hierarchy is responsible for


(B) Education and training

a. the basis of power electronics-related courses

b. Application of the basic power converter production

c. the use of application software packages and to write

d. Scientific Paper Writing


(C) Academic Services

a. learn to read and edit technical papers

b. Association and the Association of Consultant

c. Committee on mission planning and advice

d. hosting seminars

e.Build the cooperation of teaching and industry


(D) Industrial Services

a. training

b. Project Design

c. Consultant